Consult & Outsource Service And Integration Testing Service​

Consult & Outsource Service

Another service provided by QSquad is consulting on planning and establishing QA testing teams or restructuring from manual to automated testing processes. This includes starting from the goal-setting process, planning, organizing, and making decisions to find the best methods that lead to successful goal achievement. In addition to consultancy services, we also offer outsourcing services to assist your organization in testing systems together with your existing personnel.



  • Receive clear answers from experts who understand the fundamentals of developing various processes.
  • Help scale your operations quickly and efficiently.
  • Save time on training.
  • Assist in reducing costs.
  • Expedite product releases.
  • Improve the development process to be better and more efficient, incorporating automation systems and test scripts.

Integration Testing Service

This involves testing the functionality of various components within the subsystem of the program to ensure that your system can work together efficiently. By testing and checking each service, it is verified that they can operate normally, connect to the network, database, or other related services seamlessly.

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