Performance Testing Service

Performance Testing Service

“Performance Testing” is a type of Non-Functional testing aimed at ensuring the system’s stability, reliability, and responsiveness under various scenarios. This testing helps your system manage and control potential risks that may arise in the future. Evaluating the system’s performance is crucial for web applications and platforms expecting a large user database. It ensures that the system can handle a significant number of users and meet the performance goals of the system.

Qsquad will assist you in enhancing the overall efficiency of your system and addressing potential risks using the latest technologies, ensuring that your system receives up-to-date issue resolutions.

  • Load Testing

    Load testing is the evaluation of system performance under anticipated real-world usage scenarios and system usage sizes.

  • Stress Testing

    Stress testing is conducted to identify the limits of a system or production that can withstand usage, aiming to improve system performance.

  • Smoke Testing

    Smoke testing assesses the performance of a system under normal circumstances.

  • Availability Testing

    Availability testing evaluates the system's stability during continuous usage over an extended period.

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